KOKO-104 / On Sale 3rd Mar 2022
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Produced by CHIDA
Edited & Mixed by J.A.K.A.M.
Mastered by YO.AN

Artwork : Orinotawashi
Design : sati.

Original Sounds from

MYSTICS (Marcus Henriksson,Kuniyuki & J.A.K.A.M.)

MYSTICS (Marcus Henriksson x Kuniyuki Takahashi x J.A.K.A.M.)
The unit Mystics consists of Marcus Henriksson x J.A.K.A.M. x Kuniyuki. Marcus, who says that he was greatly influenced by his musical activities in Japan, both mentally and musically, came across J.A.K.A.M.'s vinyl on the recommendation of a friend. Marcus became a big fan of J.A.K.A.M. and offered to collaborate with him on a song, which was the beginning of the project. In 2011, mule released an album under the name of Koss x Henriksson x Mullaert, and Kuniyuki, with whom they have been deepening their friendship through many sessions, was added as a member. The album will be completed in 2021 after the first live performance in Tokyo in January 2020. I hope you will enjoy the fusion of the three different personalities.
(Ene/Mascaras)  アナログ・レーベル"ene"主宰。1993年よりレコード・レーベル に身を置き、国内と海外のアンダーグラウンド・ダンスミュー ジック・シーンを繋ぐ活動を続けるキーマンの一人。 1992年頃から国内の地下シーンでDJ活動を続けてきたが、2011年からは海外での活躍が目覚ましく、定期的にツアーを続けており、これまでに50都市以上のクラブやフェスでプレイしている。
  2011年にLovefingers主宰ESP InstituteからCOS/MESとのスプリットヴァイナルとしてリリースされた処女作"DANCA"がAndrew Weatherallにヘビープレイされ、彼のミックスCD「MASTERPIECE」(Ministry of Sounds)に収録された事をきっかけに本格的に音楽制作を開始。 これまでにオリジナル作はESP Institute、Nitelist Music、Jennifer Cardini主宰Correspondant等からリリース。リミキサーとしてはCoyote, Ess O Ess, This Soft Machine, Bezier等の楽曲のリミックスを手掛け、 また、COS/MESの5iveとプロデュース/DJユニットMASCARASでは、ベルリンのDiscodromo主宰CockTail d’Amoreからリリースされた3枚組LPコンピレーションに参加。Jonathan KusumaやObalski、DisruteのRemixを手がけている。 現在、Mascaras、ソロ作共に制作進行中。秋には3度目の出演となるベルリンPanorama Barを含む2ヶ月間のヨーロッパツアーへ旅立つ。


Marcus Henriksson
Marcus Henriksson, also known as Minilogue and Son Kite, is extremely popular in Japan. Marcus started his music career as a DJ in 1993, and since 1999 he has collaborated with musicians such as Karl Axel Bissler, System 7, Mathew Jonson, and Sebastian Mullaert. and have toured the world. His unique style of colorful, tribal, and psychedelic music, unbound by style or trend, has won him many fans. MARCUS HENRIKSSON has been attracting audiences all over the world as a live act and DJ for a long time since his debut, and is one of the influential figures in the establishment of the Scandinavian trance scene, having visited Japan many times for shows such as STARGATE and LABYRINTH. Together with his ally Sebastian Mullaert, he had a successful career as Minilogue/Son Kite, and released works on prestigious labels such as Cocoon, Mule and Wagon Repair, which became popular and influenced the scene. He is currently working as a solo artist, writing songs and managing Home Records, a studio in a deep forest about an hour's drive from Malmö, a city in the south of Sweden. His music is spiritual, organic, and serious. His DJ sets are always based on the idea of capturing the impact of the first outdoor party Marcus experienced, and his sets have a meticulously thought out story that makes them magical and trance-like.
Kuniyuki Takahashi
Kuniyuki Takahashi is a Sapporo-based artist whose music has always had a unique worldview, regardless of national borders, and has been highly acclaimed by producers and DJs from around the world. He has released a tribute to the club in his hometown of Sapporo on Joe Claussell's [Natural Resource] label, participated in 4Hero's Dego label compilation, released a remix of Ananda Project's classic "Cascades of Colour," and released the single "Earth Beats" on [Mule Musiq]. He has released a number of albums since his first album "We are Together" in 2006, and his 2012 album "Feather World" also features jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi, who has participated in previous albums, and his friend Henrik Schwarz. In 2012, his album "Feather World" was released with the participation of jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi and his friend Henrik Schwarz, who also participated in his previous albums. In recent years, he has collaborated with overseas artists such as DJ Nature and Vakula, and DJ Harvey and Gilles Peterson have played "Acid Air" on the compilation of DJ EMMA's project "ACID CITY". In 2017, he released a new album by Newwave Project, which incorporates his roots in new wave, etc. In 2018, he will release his unreleased works from the 80s on Music From Memory in the Netherlands. In July, he released a new song on Joe claussell's label, 16 years after the release of "Precious Hall". In recent years, he has been actively performing both in Japan and abroad, including Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, etc., and performs in his own unique style, fusing improvisation and dance music.
Born in Tokyo, he started playing in bands and DJing at the same time when he was 15. As a DJ, his innovative and original style has taken the world by storm, and his activities have quickly expanded from huge festivals to underground parties both in Japan and abroad. In 2003, he went on a recording tour with local musicians in Cuba. In 2003, he went on a recording tour with local musicians in Cuba, and since then he has been recording all over the world, and started his own label, Crosspoint, as a new guideline for world music.
In addition to music production, he has also produced video works, picture books and art books, and planned the outdoor festival "Jomon and Rebirth" in 2012.
He has also produced video works, picture books, and art books, and organized the outdoor festival Oneness Camp "Jomon and Rebirth" in 2012. 9 consecutive months of vinyl releases in 2015 became a big topic of conversation, and his fourth album was released at the end of that year, which led to the worldwide release of his new album on the Berlin/Israeli label Malka Tuti. HIGHTIME Inc. with DJ TASAKA in 2017, and ZEN RYDAZ, a unit with MACKA-CHIN of Nitro Microphone Underground and MaL of PART2STYLE, in 2018.
In the same year, his music under the name of J.A.K.A.M. was released in analog form on the French label HardFist, which led to a live performance at the huge 30,000-person Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon, followed by a DJ tour of Europe and Israel. In 2019, the production of MYSTICS, a unit with Marcus Henriksson and Kuniyuki of Minilogue/Son Kite, which has a worldwide following, will begin, and the long-awaited album will be released in 2021. His original vision is spreading across all genres and around the world.

Since 2004, he has been playing shakuhachi as his life's work, using the traditional shakuhachi (classical music) that has been handed down from generation to generation throughout Japan. Since then, he has been producing sound sources, providing sound sources to track makers, and performing with primitive techniques such as improvisation and drone music. After 8 years of training, he launched "Ikegami Meji-nai Shakuhachi" in 2018. The Ikegami name, which focuses on the sound of nature, produces dense and organic overtones, and is highly valued by classical music performers. Currently, he has started a project to build a bamboo forest from scratch and is expanding the scope of sound creation through nature.
Kyoko Oikawa 及川景子
Arab-Oriental violinist. She has been searching for the origin of music, the music of the soul, and has been fascinated by the musical techniques of the Middle East. She studied classical violin under Yoko Oka. She has studied Arab violin technique and classical Arab music theory with Beshir Selmi in Tunisia, Abd Dagher and Saad Muhammad Hasan in Egypt. In addition to performing Arab and Middle Eastern music and collaborating with oriental dance and music throughout Japan, she has also presented the possibilities of expressing oriental music and the violin through CD commentaries, lectures, and collaborations with DJs and human beat boxers. In recent years, she has traveled to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and France every year to study and perform.
Naoyuki Uchida (Dub Effects)
Since the 1990s, he has been active as a Dub Mixer for DRY & HEAVY. His love for all kinds of music has grown to include not only Reggae and Dub, but also Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk, Techno, Hard Core, Improvised Dub, and many others. He is consistently involved in Altenative Music in Japan.